About Kit & Joe Clothing

I am a mum of two boys, Joseph and Christopher (Kit) and wife to Garry.  

After Joseph was born and he reached the age of around 12-18 months I found that many of the store bought clothes were not fitting him properly due to his rather slender physique (lucky him!).  After a while and a lot of frustration I decided that I would try and make him some clothes and see if my grandfather's tailoring abilities was passed on.  

I took one lesson on how to use a sewing machine, made my first purchase and my love for sewing grew and grew and I enjoyed challenging myself with new and fun patterns.  Fast forward a few years and Kit was born with a similar slender physique and my family and friends encouraged me to offer items to others.  

What's different about Kit & Joe Clothing?

I wanted the boys to be able to wear clothes that not only fit them but that were bright, colourful, practical and comfortable to wear.    Letting kids be kids and play in fun, bright prints that they can pick themselves is perfect.  No more arguments over what they are going to wear - let them pick themselves!